Mediated Solutions
Leaders in the dispute resolution field, MSIís trained, experienced mediators have mediated corporate commercial issues, insurance, labour relations, and regulatory complaints for a wide range of individuals and organizations in the public and private sector.

MSIís mediators have provided mediation services as members of the following limited mediation rosters:

  • Ontario Mandatory Mediation Programme, Toronto and Ottawa;
  • Ontario Public Service - Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Unit;
  • Provincial Regulatory Bodies for Health Professionals;
  • Federal Ė Public Works and Government Services Canada;
  • Farm Debt Mediation Service - Agriculture Canada;
  • Walkerton Compensation Plan;
  • Warren Shapell Employee Assistance Program.
  • Facilitation of dysfunctional work team during corporate transition - one department and one with senior management team, Follow up report with recommendations;
  • Mediation of multiple grievances between a Employers and Trade Unions, with Follow up survey;
  • Private mediation of insurance, corporate commercial and other civil matters;
  • Multi party mediation of labour and employment relations provincially and nationally;
  • Conflict analysis, process recommendation and mediation of disputes between government and stakeholders;
  • Design, convening and mediation of interventions between employees and management in poisoned work environments, and sexual harassment situations under the Human Rights Code.