Mediated Solutions
MSIís facilitation services include the custom designed and conducted interventions to meet client goals of organizational restructuring, crisis intervention, operational problem solving, employment relations and strategic planning.

Here are some highlights of facilitations conducted by MSI in the public and private sector:

  • Designed, convened and facilitated a series of community citizen engagement facilitations including members of the public, and MPPs in the non-partisan initiative, "Ontario Speaks: A Dialogue on National Unity";
  • Facilitated multiple national meetings under the Labour Mobility Chapter of the federal/provincial Agreement on Internal Trade, to negotiate mutual reciprocity agreements for the inter-provincial mobility of provincially regulated health care professions and occupational groups;
  • Designed, convened and facilitated various multi-party interventions between employees and management to address poisoned work environments, and sexual harassment situations under the Human Rights Code. Have intervened in twenty five organizations during past five years, in cases involving 25 to 400 employees in private and public professional settings;
  • Facilitated health care forums and sub-committees for the Ontario Workerís Insurance and Safety Board. These have included the development of a fee setting model between the WSIB and thirteen health care professional groups as well as designing and implementing a consensus process to develop and pilot evidence-based Programs of Clinical Care; and
  • Facilitated meetings for provincial and national professional organizations to achieve strategic planning or restructuring goals as well as to solve operational problems in a consensus based format.